There are so many reasons why you will love spending time in Canada this holiday season. Just think of the snow falling, the sounds of Christmas carols every night of the week, and the sleigh bells ringing in your ear. What else could really get you in the holiday spirit full of joy and happiness? Read on to see the top reasons to spend Christmas in Victoria, BC, this year!

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Why Visit Victoria, BC for Christmas?

We think that heading to a cold-weather climate is a fantastic way to get in the spirit of Christmas. You can spend quality time with your loved ones, curl up by a fireplace, and spend the night drinking eggnog and opening presents with your family.

Doesn’t this sound lovely? We think so, too. That is why Victoria, British Columbia is arguably one of THE top destination holidays for the winter months. Although this is a very well-known spot for outdoor lovers to venture to every month of the year, we think that coming during the cold weather is great for going ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, and celebrating the holidays.

Victoria truly has everything you need, and more, to have a fantastic time. Where you are going to see the infamous light displays, going shopping for stocking stuffers, or having tea with your family, there are endless events here all winter long.

Christmas at the Butchart Gardens

There is no better time to celebrate good vibes with family than Christmastime! Head to the Gardens and see the dozens, if not millions, of dazzling Christmas lights through the widespread property. You can really feel like you are in A Christmas Carol, or you are a part of the Twelve Days of Christmas, when you spend an afternoon or evening here.

Just hop in the car for around 30 minutes to head to this incredible light display and take a few photos that are surely worthy of your Instagram. If you don’t want to drive, you can take the express shuttle from downtown Victoria to take part in the 35-minute narrated ride to this famous attraction.

Go Shopping in the Winter Weather

The next best thing to do during the Christmas season in downtown Victoria, BC is to go Christmas shopping for some last-minute gifts! It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for boutique items, or last-minute stocking stuffers that are cheap and easy to find, you will love walking along the holiday-themed street and having a bite to eat or a cocktail. We recommend going to Rogers’ Chocolates to pick up some dessert for a post-dinner treat.

Or head to Murchie’s Tea and Coffee to pick up some hot cocoa or coffee to stay refreshed and rejuvenated for the entire evening. We also love going to the Rook and Rose store to pick up some flowers for a gift for your loved one on Christmas morning. Better yet, why not pick up a beautiful jewelry item at Little Gold for your partner?

Enjoy a Winter Tea

There is no better way to warm up on a cold winter day than to have a traditional winter tea. We recommend sipping on a hot cup of tea and enjoying a few bites of crumpets or scones as you explore downtown Victoria, BC. Check out the Pendray Tea House at Huntingdon Manor and dress on the nines as you sip on English breakfast tea, put clotted cream on the scones, and watch the carriages pull up out front of this beautiful building.

You can cook from an assortment of fine teas, plates, and pastries that are sure to curb your sweet tooth. We love coming here during the holiday season for a fun afternoon with our families or for a unique date night with our partner.

Experience a Culinary Food Tour

Christmas is a time to indulge. That means you will be able to get presents, enjoy a few drinks with your loved ones, and try some of the best food that you will have all year long! If you are staying in Victoria, this means going to local food businesses to try holiday-themed items, savory pastries, sweet treats, and mouthwatering meals that are sure to knock your socks off.

Enjoy a Christmas Escape to Victoria, BC

As you can see, there are so many festive things to do when you visit the beautiful town of Cairo, BC this upcoming winter season. Whether you are an outdoor lover and want to go skiing or snowboarding, or you would rather take it easy in the beautiful downtown area of this mountain town, there are endless options for you and your family this holiday season. Head here for Christmas to enjoy great holiday cheer, exciting things to do with your loved ones, and good vibes all month long.