If you are planning a getaway with you and your partner, you need to go above and beyond the typical vacation. Head to one of the most beautiful places in the entire continent of North America and splurge on a picturesque and outdoor-centric holiday in British Columbia! British Columbia is known for its friendly people, great beers, amazing hikes, bright blue water, lush green pine forests, and mountain peaks. Even if you are not an avid hiker, biker, or watersports lover, you will have an amazing time gazing at the incredible scenery, spending time with your loved one, and partaking in romantic activities that are truly magical. Let’s check out a few things that are must-dos when it comes to planning a romantic date night in Victoria, BC. We guarantee that this will ignite the spark in your relationship and have you coming back for more every single year!

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Take a Picnic Lunch

One of the most exciting activities for you to do with your partner is to bring a picnic to one of the numerous green spaces in the city. Victoria, BC is home to beautiful and pristine scenery that is great for setting the mood, bringing a picnic blanket, and packing your ideal date night foods like cheese, wine, and chocolates. We recommend going to one of the numerous bakeries or cafes in the center of the city, like Bubby Rose’s Cafe, and then bringing your pickings to one of the riverside parks or beaches.

Activities for Couples

Even if you have been together for years, you can partake in a trust-building exercise or couple’s event that will help teach you communication, learn how to work with one another, and solve problems together. We love going to Ocean River Adventures to kayak together with our partner through the rapids. Or head to Quest, where you can test your brain aptitude and problem-solving skills with your partner. The fun and exhilarating evenings are great for having a fun time, putting your brains together, and seeing if you truly work well as a team!

There is nothing more romantic than heading out for a sunset hike where you can see the changing colors of the sky, stay healthy during vacation with one another, and hold hands as you walk up the steep paths in the mountains of British Columbia. We recommend going on a hike near Mount Doug, Mount Tomie, or Macaulay Point Park to see the sunset, share a romantic kiss, and then kick off date night in the city center.

Go Out for a Romantic Dinner

Lastly, you can’t have a romantic evening without going out for dinner in the bustling and busy city of Victoria! There are truly dozens of choices that we think are going to make you fall in love with the city, like Il Terrazzo Ristorante for Italian and Mediterranean cuisine and Pagliacco for a quiet and authentic Italian experience.

If you want something more, then check out Cafe Brio, a cucina rustica restaurant that offers mouthwatering plates, fine dining, and an incredible atmosphere that you won’t find elsewhere. We recommend splitting one of the appetizers, like the beet salad with gorgonzola cheese, greens, walnuts, and honey. You can then split the main porcini mushroom risotto with porcini, king oyster, bear tooth mushrooms, and garlic. Talk about fancy!

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