Feeling nostalgic?

Come and visit Victoria!

(October 2022)


Remember the good old days, when you could enjoy an evening of live music in an intimate venue?

If you’re feeling nostalgic, take yourself to Hermann’s Jazz Club on View Street in downtown Victoria.

Reminding of the old coffee houses and jazz clubs, Hermann’s has been around in Victoria for 41 years and is the lovechild of Hermann Nieweler, who passed away in 2015.

After his family remained dedicated to their father’s legacy, the non-profit Arts On View Society took over as from 2019. They continue to operate Hermann’s as a community spirited venue with the support of the venue’s generous patrons.

Put on your black turtleneck sweater, your black jeans, a beret, dust off the birkenstocks and listen to some great live music! Have something to eat, a drink and dance while listening to the classics and contemporary music at Herman’s Jaz Club!