About Us

Victoria Prime is the oldest and largest furnished vacation rental company in Victoria, BC

Victoria Prime is the superior way to find a vacation rental, corporate housing, or a short term furnished rental in Victoria. We are a personal property management company, which means we work with you individually to discover what kind of rental you are looking for, and then we make it happen for you. We offer only the highest quality properties and service.


Whether you are looking for vacation homes or condo rentals, we have properties ranging from beach houses to one-bedroom suites in Victoria's Downtown Inner Harbour and everything in between. 

Why Book with us? 

There are lots of companies and owners offering rentals in Victoria and this can be very confusing when searching for that ideal holiday home or corporate housing.


You will see our properties advertised across a couple of marketing websites where we place adverts. You can however, do no better than going directly to us, Victoria Prime Services, as we will take care of you personally.  We work with you prior to your arrival to make sure that we find just the right place for your needs. Upon your arrival, we meet you at the rental property and walk you through all amenities and features, so you can enjoy your accommodations to the fullest.


The following will give you some highlights of why you should consider booking direct with us.

Superior Management Team

With so many websites vying for your money, the prices and passage of booking is often not clear. You may be booking with a pure advertising site who has no knowledge of a property at all and simply is good at getting to, or is paying to be, at the top of search engines.


Look to see who you are booking with and if they are the company contracting the owner, if they are local, have local offices, if they manage the property and if they can answer detailed questions directly about the rental unit.  Keith, Jill and Maureen are in the office to help you with your questions and your reservation.


If anything goes wrong, you know it will happen out of hours. You will need to have a local contact and support details, be confident the company is close at hand and can be reached.

24-Hour Concierge Support

We have a concierge and maintenance team on call 24-7.  We only list properties that we can get to in a very short period of time so that we may provide the best possible customer service.


We also offer concierge services to our guests. We arrange everything from reservations, to picking up your groceries and having them ready for you when you arrive. We can help you with recommendations and bookings on all of the best attractions Victoria has to offer. 

Victoria Prime Team is Local

Any good company is made up of a strong team! Ask who they are and how it all works. Who handles the money, in what country, where is the office, who does the maintenance, who can you speak to for bookings and local contacts.

Our Payments Are Secure

One of the most important parts of any booking is how you pay, there are online elements to a booking you need to be careful of. The payment site/website needs to have an "https", address, not just an http.


If you pay by Credit card you are covered by the "Consumer Credit Act" or variations depending on country and therefore the card provider is also liable in case of problems.


Always make sure you use a secure payment system and you know who you are booking with.


Here is a quick checklist of things you may like to consider before booking!


    •    Does the company have a phone number?

    •    Does the company have a local office?

    •    Does the company have 24hr call out?

    •    Does the company clean & manage the property?

    •    Does the company contract the owner directly?

    •    Does the checkout process look secure?

    •    Can the company answer detailed questions about the property & location?

    •    Will the company let you pay by Credit Card?

    •    Will you receive an immediate card payment receipt & Booking form?


We can answer Yes to every one of these questions.

Be safe with your booking and holiday, run the checklist first! If in any doubt then phone the company and ask all the relevant questions!