Meet the Victoria Prime Team

In 2009, this was the Victoria Prime team, Liz and Bruce.  The business started with three properties and has grown immensely.  Liz and Bruce did everything themselves for about a year, when they hired more staff as the business grew to six properties.  As more properties were acquired, more staff were hired and here we are today.

It's always nice to put a face to a voice or email contact.
This is Liz and Maureen and we help start you on your way to booking just the right place for your holiday.

Here is the concierge team.  They will contact you to arrange an arrival plan with you.  Lawrence, Dani, Sharon, Arden and Bruce make sure all is perfect for you in the condo and they meet and greet you at the property.  They give a brief orientation to the building, unit and surrounding area and answer any questions you have before leaving you to enjoy your stay.  They are also your first point of contact if you need anything.

We at Victoria Prime feel so lucky to have the best Clean Team in town.  They make all of our lives wonderful by giving us the confidence that your property will be squeaky clean for your stay.  A few other of our Rock Star's couldn't be here for this photo but we value every single one of them.  Shown are Mel, Rebecca and Cynthia. 

A warm welcome from all of us at Victoria Prime.